How to Leverage Facebook Marketing & Grow Your Practice

billy-sticker-profile-pictureBilly Sticker is our guest today sharing his Facebook marketing expertise on how physicians can grow their practice.

Billy is an Online Marketer & Podcast Host of ChiroCandy with over 80 episodes focusing on how physicians can grow their practice. We love his show’s tagline: “Inspiring & Equipping You To Think Like A Marketer”. Billy is also a prolific writer with five books published.

On this episode we dive into Facebook marketing and how physicians can leverage the power of Facebook ads to grow their practice. Make sure to listen to the whole episode as we provide some very specific

We ask Billy to share a few key takeaways that EVERYONE can act on right now and his answers were so amazing that I couldn’t even write fast enough to get it all down. He is masterful and you’ll be happy that you listened to this episode.

Be sure to connect with Billy for his FREE 90min training:

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